Heavy Rigid Licenses

Under the RMS Guide Lines the HR class license allows you to drive a vehicle with a GVM of more than 8t, you may tow a trailer but the trailer must not exceed 9t GVM. You can also drive MR vehicles and all buses including articulated.

Heavy Rigid (HR)

What you need to get your HR Licence ASAP under the CBA System
  • You need to have held a class C Licence (not including Learners) for two years or more.
  • Pass an RMS HR Knowledge Test  Go to Practice Test
  • Pass an RMS Eye test
  • Get a Learner CBA log book and CBA guide book from your local RMS.
  • Read the Guide Book thoroughly before your first training session.
  • Undertake Heavy Vehicle competency based assessment
  • Red P Plate holders are not eligible to apply for an HR Licence.

ASAP Driver Training Requirements

  • ASAP driver training requires all customers to wear appropriate clothing and footwear when being trained and assessed.

  • 72 hours notice must be given for cancellation of lessons or 50% of fees will be charged.

RMS Driver Knowledge Tests


  • Condition "B" and Unrestricted HR Licence course is $1400 including 12hrs of training and Assessing, as a guide 12hrs is an average time, but please note Constant Mesh Transmission HR course is split over 2 days as it is near impossible to be competent in one day if the student has no prior experience with a constant mesh(Road Ranger) Transmission.

  • This course will only be attempted in one day if the student has prior Constant Mesh Experience. If  Further training is required it will be charged at $120 per hour.

  • At ASAP Driver Training our mission is to give you the best Training Available in the Quickest time frame possible, we always strive to give our customers the best value for money.